About Me

I'm a computer programmer / IT tech / sysadmin working and living in rural Northeast Ohio. In my free time I love making things, primarily in the areas of electronics and woodworking. On this site I share my projects, product reviews and anything else I think may be of value to someone else. My goal is to share what I've learned with others and inspire them as I've been helped and inspired by so many other "Makers" who share their work online.

Contacting Me

My email address is my first name at this domain. If you have a question/suggestion about something I've done or have created something based on one of my projects I'd love to hear about it! I am sometimes slow to respond, especially if a longer response is warranted. I prefer to take the time to sit down at my computer and write a thoughtful response rather than knock out a quick message from my phone. So don't be discouraged if I don't respond immediately!

Leaving comments on my YouTube videos is also a good option, though sometimes I don't notice them for a long time.


I have for a very long time used the name lungStruck online, and for several years www.lungStruck.com was my primary website. I liked the name, but now that I'm old and boring and no longer part of a young & hip demographic, I prefer to use my given name. I like it too.