Scott’s 1989 IBM Model M Keyboard

I’m a software developer with over 20 years of experience in enterprise application development. I work on the full stack, doing everything from creating databases to building the user interface. Most of my experience has been in database driven desktop applications, but I’m always open to learn new technologies and I am able to pick them up quickly. Currently, I am working to build my knowledge of ASP.Net Core and Blazor.

I have experience in C#, .NET, Entity Framework, Transact SQL, Docker, Git, Visual Basic, MS Access and Azure DevOps. In addition to my technical abilities, I’ve developed strong soft skills as well. I enjoy working directly with end users, seeking to develop solutions that make their jobs easier and save them time.

In addition to software development, I have worked extensively in IT, including system administration, computer networking, technical support and hardware troubleshooting and repair.

When I’m not working, I enjoy being with my family, tinkering with electronics, woodworking, DIY projects, photography, and visiting parks.